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Welcome to the Public Viewing Area. It amazes me at the amount of photographs I take at shows, events and even just on a daily basis. Although I do put a few on the Public Events Page, I’m often asked how people can view the additional ones from the day. Perhaps you were there at the time or someone you know had gone and you want to see more.

It may also be that I just took your photo as you were out walking your dog. Having a day at the beach with the family or perhaps whilst visiting a stately home. This is the reason I have a Public Viewing Area. It makes it a lot easier for you to see the photographs I have taken without having to contact me. Obviously if you do want a high quality image, please get in touch!

Please take note of the file number of any images you wish to purchase. Remember that this is just a preview and does not reflect the final quality of the high-resolution pictures you will receive.

(Some galleries are available for a limited period of time and then archived)