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The STILL LIFE Collection

Still life is a unique genre of photography. Usually the images are of commonplace objects that you normally wouldn’t pay much attention to. The major advantage offered by still life is the freedom to arrange the objects any way you want. Popular images include manmade objects such as vases, items of clothing, and consumer products. Natural objects like plants, food, rocks, and shells are great as well. The art in still life photography is often in the choice of objects, the arrangement and the lighting used.

All images in the Still Life Collection are available as high quality prints, canvas or framed wall art. These are ideal for displaying in your home or business premises and are available in a variety of sizes. Please contact me for more details or to obtain Licensing rights for use on websites and in media.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

– Confucious –

*All images are in low resolution for display on this website and not the high quality of the originals. All rights reserved and protected by international copyright. Above all, use of these images without the express written permission of Suzanne photography is strictly prohibited. Therefore, screen grabbing and posting on websites, Facebook or other Social Media is still illegal. If you wish to use an image in any other manner, then please contact me.