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The LIFE & ART Collections

I have tens of thousands of images and so I have decided to display a few in my Life & Art galleries. On a daily basis I’m seldom without my camera and find there’s always something that grabs my attention. From landscapes to insects, running water to flowers, the list is endless. It’s only when I upload these images and work on them that the true beauty unfolds. Sometimes they can end up being totally different to what was in front of me at the time. What I strive to create is something that will grab your attention, to make you look deep into the image and evoke an emotional response. I have been a finalist three times in the annual competitions promoted by Digital Photo magazine. In addition to that, a finalist for travel photographer of the year promoted by the Professional Photographer magazine.

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Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 105

Abstract photography is such an extensive field of capturing images.  All sorts of subject can become abstract and it’s all down to the way the photographer shoots the photograph. Normally isolating a fragment of an object or scene and warping your perception of what is real and familiar to you.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 101

A lot of animal and wildlife photography is the result of being in the right place at the right time though. However, due to the unpredictability of animals, endurance, patience and agility are useful skills. Those along with a selection of specialist equipment such as my macro and long focus lenses.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 102

Architecture photography generally means the type of photography that focuses on shooting building exteriors and interiors. It refers to the design, engineering, and construction of manmade structures, as well as the final structures themselves. This also other structures that are aesthetically pleasing.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 103

Black & white photography is the absence of any colour in the photograph (either in the digital editing or through the choice of film). It consists of just shades of grey tone that generally go from dark to light.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 106

There are probably three styles of landscape photography. Representational, abstract and Impressionistic. More often than not, it involves the daylight photography of natural features of land, sky and waters at a distance.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 107

Photographs that are not easy to categorize or group into the other galleries. It features everything from statues to stained glass windows.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 108

Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors.  Some of the more common types of nature photography include wild animals, insects, plants and flowers, in their natural environment.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 104

Street photography is typically defined as taking pictures of subjects within public areas. It’s a more candid manner of photography that doesn’t have the usual forethought that would normally go into a portrait shot.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 111

Still life is a unique genre of photography. Usually the images are of commonplace objects that you normally wouldn’t pay much attention to. The major advantage offered by still life is the freedom to arrange the objects any way you want.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 109

Transportation photography as it’s name suggests covers anything capable of moving from one point to another. It includes all the obvious forms of human transport such as cars, trains, bikes, planes etc. This can be on the road, in the sky, on the water, in motion or not.


Life Art Page Suzanne Photography 110

Travel photography involves the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, customs, cultures and history. This type of photography has become a lot more accessible to both amateurs and professionals. Therefor capturing the exotic, and not so exotic locations in an interesting and unique way is the goal.

All of the images in the ‘Life & Art’ galleries are available to buy and would look great in your home or business environment.  You may also purchase Licensing rights for images to use on websites, calendars, books, magazines etc.

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