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Suzanne Nichol

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to view my work. My name is Suzanne and I’m a professional photographer with over 20 years experience working throughout the Yorkshire area. I can’t imagine a more rewarding and enjoyable job and it’s been one that has taken me travelling to wonderful places such as Hawaii, Jordan, Egypt and Thailand to name but a few.

From an early age I’ve always been fascinated with photography, I think it stemmed from watching my mother take photographs of my three brothers and myself as we grew up through the years. She used an old Kodak 35mm camera that had belonged to my grandfather, the results were very good and have stood the test of time. I’ve always found great pleasure looking back at these and other images of people and places and the special moments and events of my lifetime … memories are brought to life again no matter how much time has passed and that is why photography is so important and always will be.

When I was old enough to manage it, I was given a Polaroid camera for my birthday and this was the defining moment that determined the course of my life. Sheer disbelief that a photograph could be produced and viewed within seconds got me hooked and I wanted to learn more. As I got older my obsession grew and at the age of fourteen I joined the local camera club in Selby making me the youngest member there. Eventually, after a period of nearly two years of ‘pocket money’ jobs I had adapted the garden shed into a dark room, paid for the necessary basic equipment and started to develop my own prints. To say that I was obsessed is an under statement and the whole family waited and wondered if and when this phase would pass… I’m relieved to say that it never has.

After leaving school I started work at Jessop’s photo centre and one day a week attended York Technical College to learn more about turning my beloved ‘hobby’ into a career.  One day proved to be far from adequate for everything I needed to learn so instead I applied and was accepted by the Kitson College of Technology in Leeds. I was able to attend a full-time, two year course and when I graduated and received my diploma in photography, I’m proud to say I qualified with distinctions.

“Every year at Kitsons we turn out very competent camera people but only now and again do we turn out a photographer, one who’s images are captured not just by the naked eye, but by ‘visualisation’ … The mind’s eye! Suzanne is in this category”
– Jerry Hardman-Jones –

During my years at college I had been working weekends at a photography studio in York owned by Darron Hartas and after completing my course he offered me a full time position. This gave me a good grounding in the profession and after only a couple of years I achieved my ambition and felt ready to open my own photography business.

Not only was I the ‘new girl on the block’ … I was the ‘only’ girl on the block! As the first female photographer in the York area, I spent hours thinking up fancy names to call my business but my instinct for ‘Suzanne Photography’ won through and that is how it has stayed. Nothing gimmicky (that’s not my style) it says it just as it is and is also easy for clients to remember.

It’s said ‘never work with children or animals’ but ironically I have a great affinity with both. I enjoy working with them to make sessions fun and interesting and my customers tell me it shows in the end results. If you will excuse the pun though, weddings for me are the ‘icing on the cake’. I really do love to archive a bride and groom’s special day. Although I am there to record the proceedings, I can’t help getting caught up in the tears, the laughter and the whole atmosphere of such a happy occasion. One of the biggest compliments that I hear over and over again is the one that means the most to me (well apart from praise for the finished photographs) and that is… “it seemed like I was part of the family”.

In my spare time I’m a big fan of the countryside, walking, cycling, live music, travelling, Thai food and of course… my photography!

I really hope you enjoy looking at a selection of my work on this website and even more that we can work together in the future.