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A Little Information

Stunning photographs don’t always require the most expensive equipment (although I do like to think the investment I’ve made in my own kit, certainly does help). What they do require is a skilful eye that is trained to capture your moments in the very best way possible. As with any other profession, there is such a vast difference between doing something as a hobby and refining your craft and skill over the years of hands on experience. Buying a set of golf clubs doesn’t suddenly make you a great golfer or a set of knives an excellent chef. It’s easy to think of saving a bit of money by getting a friend or relative to photograph your wedding or maybe a christening, but there is so much more involved than just pointing a newly bought camera and clicking the shutter. Sadly I’ve heard many truly cringeworthy stories when the results have been viewed. 

I have behind me the advantage of many years experience and thousands of happy customers and since first setting up my own photographic business over 20 years ago, I’ve covered nearly every type of occasion. If you do require something that isn’t listed in the drop down menu or something a bit more specific, I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Please contact me to make a booking or if you would like further information.

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