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Life & Art

On a daily basis I’m seldom without my camera and find there’s always something that grabs my attention. From landscapes, to insects, to running water, to flowers, the list is endless. It’s only when I upload these images and work on them that the true beauty unfolds. Sometimes they can end up being totally different to what was in front of me at the time. What I strive to create is something that will grab your attention, to make you look deep into the image and evoke an emotional response. I have been a finalist three times in the annual competitions promoted by ‘Digital Photo’ magazine and a finalist for travel photographer of the year promoted by the ‘Professional Photographer’ magazine.

All of the images in my ‘Life & Art’ galleries are available to buy and would look great in your home or business environment.

 Licensing rights can also be purchased if you wish to use any of my images on websites, calendars,  books, magazines or all other media. Please contact me with the image number for a quote and more details.