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Family Gatherings

It’s not very often in this hectic life that families find the time to get together, but when they do it tends to be for a special occasion, usually a grandparent’s birthday party, a christening or perhaps even a group of friends who have arranged to meet up again after years apart. The trouble tends to be that if you are in charge of the camera, you are either missing from the photographs or you get caught up in the celebrations and tend to forget to take the most important shots. It seems such a shame that after all the organising to make the day so special you end up without a proper record to look back on in years to come. If this sounds familiar and you have an upcoming family party or event, have you ever considered hiring a professional photographer to take away the worry and leave you to enjoy the day?

I’ve always been a natural observer and I’m passionate about documenting life with my camera, telling the stories of peoples lives in my photographs and just like my wedding photography, when I photograph family gatherings, my clients really appreciate me being there behind the camera to capture those rare moments of togetherness.

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